Former Auxiliary Groups

Marching Maroonettes

The Marching Maroonettes are a dynamic dance group that performed during the Marching Maroon and White Marching band each halftime performance. Their high stepping out-of-sight movements, flashy dance moves was something to see. This dance team wore high healed boots and a flashy sequences that you can see and hear coming down the streets during the parade or entering the stadium.

The last performance for the Marching Maroonettes was 2001.


 The Marching Maroon and White Majorettes were a dynamic twirl team that march, dance and twirled with the Marching Maroon and White. They always twirled to the beat of the latest hits the Marching Maroon and White played. These ladies stood out and were frequently featured during halftime performances.
Their last performance was 2001.

Featured Twirler

The Marching Maroon and White has had many individual featured twirlers that was nothing but amazing. They were featured with a dance and twirl number. These men and women lead the band to a downfield performance. Some of the amazing featured twirlers have twirled with two, three and / or fire batons.

Last featured twirler was 2005