Southwestern Athletic Conference Bands – Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedures for Bands

NCAA Rule 1-1-6 and UIL Rule 9-2-1-b-6

The Rules states:   Persons subject to the rules, including bands, shall not create any sound that prohibits a team from hearing signals.


A. Once the offensice team breaks the “Huddle” and approaches the line of scrimmage the band shall cease playing. Bands shall not play music at football games while the ball is play, or while signals are being called by the quarterback. This means that it is not permissible to use either:

1.  Drum roll or beat

2. Cymbals clashing

3. Horn sounds, or

4. Any kind of musical instrument while the ball is in play is underway in   football.

B. It is designated that for all Conferences games the visiting band be allowed to perform during the first dead-ball, team or official timeout. The home team band will be allowed to play during the next dead-ball, team or official timeout. From that point on, both the visiting team and home team bands shall alternate playing during breaks in play for the rest of the contest. At no time are both bands allowed to play simultaneously during the game.

1st  Timeout         Visiting Team Band

2nd Timeout         Home Team Band

3rd  Timeout         Visiting Team Band

4th  Timeout         Home Team Band

5th  Timeout         Visiting Team Band

6th  Timeout         Home Team Band

C. The half-time intermission shall be limited to 20 minutes. The clock will start  immediately when both teams and the game officials clear the field.

–      Visiting Team Band shall play first

–      Home Team Band shall play second

D. No penalty flags will be thrown, nor will any team be penalized. The referee will stop play and announce to the fans that he is asking the band to stop playing. This will also signal the public address announcer to make the same request. The game officials will do this twice per team. Any additional violations should be reported to the Coordinator of Football Officials who in turn will advise the Conference office. Bands found to have violated the policies listed above may be subject to the following penalties.

1st  Offense        public reprimand and censure;

2nd Offense        public reprimand and suspension from performing during the next contest and/or a fine to be determined by the Commissioner.

3rd  Offense       suspension from performing for the remainder of the season.

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